Stump Grinding and Stump Removals

If allowed to remain, a tree stump can become a haven for termites, ants and other such pests. Also, it may be necessary to remove a stump prior to beginning a landscape project. Whatever the reason, attempting to remove a stump with hand tools can be an arduous task. We offer our customers a practical alternative:stump grinding. This method utilizes a powerful stump grinder which can easily transform a stubborn tree stump into a mixture of wood chips and dirt.

Although stump grinders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all feature a cutter wheel that resembles an oversized saw blade. Once the cutter wheel is rotating, it is gradually swept back and forth across the surface of the stump, allowing its carbide teeth to "grind" the wood into chips. The resulting pile of mulch can then be used to refill the hole or spread in flowerbeds.

The largest stump grinder in our inventory is a Carlton 7500. It has a fifty horse-power diesel engine and can grind a hole 24 inches deep if necessary. However, because this grinder must be towed behind a full size pickup, it is not a practical choice for stumps with limited access. Our portable grinder, a Carlton 2650, is used for jobs that the larger machine can't get to. This self-propelled machine can fit through a gate opening as small as 36 inches.


Stump Removals: What You Should Know

Although we do our best to avoid causing damage to underground systems, these "no nonsense" machines do not differentiate between tree roots and irrigation lines. We cannot be responsible for damage to underground systems.

The stump "grindings", a mixture of wood and soil, are left on site in a pile over the hole. Once grinding is completed, the customer is responsible for disposition of stump grindings.

The grinding of surface roots is not considered part of the stump grinding process. It is additional work and, as such, is listed as a separate item on the job estimate.


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