Tree Removal

Although there are times when it's very apparent that a tree needs to be removed (for example, a tree that's been toppled by a rainstorm), sometimes the indications aren't so obvious (such as when the tree is diseased or dying). If you're uncertain, our experts can provide you with an accurate assessment of the tree's physical condition and potential hazard risk.

Tree removals can be dangerous work. In fact, tree removals are considered by many to be the most difficult and dangerous aspect of the tree care profession. When researching a tree service company, be sure that they have the skills and equipment to remove trees safely and efficiently.

Tree work in the vicinity of power lines or buildings requires the use of specialized equipment. Our crews operate the latest in modern equipment and have the experience and technical expertise to get the job done.

Every removal is carefully planned and executed, leaving nothing to chance- safety is our number one priority. For your protection, we are insured for personal injury and property damage.

A Case Study: Why "Topping" Hurts Trees

Client: Paul Kerfeld

Location: Folsom, CA

About to break ground on a new construction project, Paul had to decide whether or not he should remove the eighty foot cedar tree in his front yard. Upon inspection, we discovered that this beautiful tree specimen had once been "topped." As a result, a number of lateral branches had grown vertically (see photo, left), creating a dangerous situation.

Because these new vertical growths were weakly attached, they posed a definite risk to Paul and his family. The reality of this hazard became apparent when one of those limbs came crashing down during a storm, narrowly missing Paul and demolishing his truck. Still, the decision to remove the tree was not an easy one.

After consulting with our experts, and much deliberation, Paul decided that the prudent thing to do was to remove the cedar. However, he was still a little apprehensive.

What if my house is accidentally damaged?

BP Tree Services is insured for personal injury and property damage.

Do you have the equipment to handle a job like this safely?

BP Tree Services operate the latest in modern equipment: boom trucks, a heavy duty crane truck, and an extra-large capacity hydraulic chipper.

Are your crews experienced in this type of removal?

BP Tree Services has been serving the Sacramento region for 46 years. Our crews have the training and experience to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Modern Equiptment:

An Increased Margin of Safety

For Paul's project, we utilized a heavy duty crane truck to help stabilize the tree during the cutting process.

Multiple safety lines (each one capable of loads in excess of 25,000 pounds) were secured between the tree and the crane truck to insure that the cedar would be under directional control during the felling process.


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