Free Wood Chips

Free wood chips are available for delivery within our working area. Wood chips can be used in playground areas, spread as mulch in flower beds or utilized for soil amendment. Since nutrients are released back into the soil as wood chips decompose, recycling this organic material is beneficial for your garden and great for the environment!

We can provide you with a truckload of wood chips at no charge. Arranging for a delivery of wood chips is as easy as Requesting Free Wood Chips. Once we have your request, we'll add your name to a waiting list for your area.

Please remember to leave sufficient contact information, including specifically where you would like us to dump the load of wood chips.

FAQ's About Free Wood Chips


How large a quantity will you deliver?

To conserve fuel, wood chips are offloaded only when a truck has reached "capacity." Therefore, all customers requesting wood chips receive a full truckload of chips, approximately 20 cubic yards. Regrettably, we don't offer delivery of partial loads or smaller quantities.

What type of wood will the "chips" consist of?

Here again, it's impossible to predict what type(s) of wood will make up a load of chips. Occasionally, a load of chips consists of only one type of wood. More often, a load consists of a combination of woods- most commonly oak, eucalyptus, pine, cedar, redwood and others. We don't offer delivery of specific woods. It is important to remember that these are FREE woodchips from a local tree removal or trimming, and thus these are not the same quality as woodchips you would pay for. They will likley contain leaves and small twigs/branches from final clean up of the jobsite that are too small to safely be processed by the wood chippers. 

Can I pre-schedule a specific date and time for my wood chips delivery?

Unfortunately, no. Because it's difficult to accurately predict where a truck will be located when it reaches "capacity", we cannot schedule wood chip deliveries in advance.

How do I put my name on the list for free wood chips delivery?

Simply complete contact us using the form below. Once we have your request, your name will be added to the waiting list. We ask that you please do not call our office to request wood chips. The waiting list process is an automated function that's handled exclusively through our website.


By responding to this ad, you are accepting a full load of wood chips (no half-loads).

Due to the heavy volume of requests, you will not receive a response from us unless you have requested a call ahead of delivery. Chips are dispersed by location of need and requests are saved and logged for several months.  It is your responsibility to cancel your request if you decide that you would not like a delivery.  Do not request wood chips if you do not want them.  Once delivered, they will not be picked up for any reason.  

Request Free Wood Chips

Please include details of where on your property you'd like the load of wood chips dropped off.  Remember it needs to be a readily accessible area, such as an open side yard, driveway, etc. We urge you to read the FAQ's and Disclaimer at the bottom of the page before adding your name to our waitlist.