Fascinating Facts about Oak Trees

Fascinating Facts about Oak Trees

Native oaks are prevalent throughout the Sacramento area. The most common types of oak in the area are valley oak, interior live oak, and blue oak. Having one of these big trees on your property can be a beautiful landscape feature, but can also become a hazard if it's overgrown or diseased. At BP Tree Services, our local arborists can expertly assist you with pruning or removing oak trees. We're a 24/7 Sacramento arborist and can show up quickly when a storm hits and you have a tree emergency. Here are four fun facts about oak trees.

Used for Wine Barrels

From Napa to Bordeaux, winemakers prefer oak for their barrels. But subtle differences between American and French oaks create distinct flavors in the wines. While French oak barrels are known for providing notes of savory spice and dark chocolate, American oaks lend flavors of sweet spice and vanilla.

Ancient Roots

Oak trees came into existence in the late Cretaceous period, around 65 millions years ago. They arrived at about the same time that the dinosaurs departed. One big reason why they've survived the subsequent epochs is that their acorns do an excellent job of protecting their seeds, in part because they contain tannins that function as insect-deterrents.

They Have a Long Lifespan

Oak trees can live to be over 1,000 years old. The Seven Sisters oak tree in Mandeville, LA is believed to be the oldest oak tree in the world, with some estimates putting its age at well over 1,000. Though old oaks don't have quite the lifespan of redwoods (some of which live for 2,000 years), they've certainly seen their share of history.

Truffle Trees

Oak tree roots are famous for providing the right habitat for truffles to grow. Truffles are notoriously difficult to domesticate. But because they are so expensive, many farmers have tried different methods to get them to grow on their property. Still, the method that many follow is to simply plant oak trees and hope that truffles will take up residence.

Arborist in Sacramento, CA

If you have an oak or any other type of tree on your property that needs care, contact BP Tree Services at (916) 237-1882. Our local arborists are experts at tree pruning, trimming, and removal. Feel free to give us a call today to ask for a free arborist estimate in Sacramento!

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Posted: July 22, 2021

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