Maple Trees: 5 Fascinating Facts

Maple Trees: 5 Fascinating Facts

Maples are highly desirable for providing shade during the hot summer and bright leaves in the fall, and then allowing in more sunlight during the cooler winter months. If you have a maple tree that needs tree care, be sure to call in an experienced arborist. Here are five interesting facts about maple trees.

All Maples Make Syrup

The syrups that we love with our pancakes and waffles are most often harvested from sugar maples, black maples, and red maples. But you can actually get syrup from any type of maple tree.

Long Lifespan

Red maples regularly live for more than a century and may even live for well over 200 years. If you're planning on planting a red maple on your property, it's worth remembering that it could reach a height of 60 feet, so you'll want to choose a location that will accommodate its mature size.

Flowering Trees

Maple trees are beloved for the bright oranges and reds in their autumnal leaves. However, some folks are unaware that maple trees also have attractive flowers. In the spring, red maple trees showcase bright red flower clusters that emerge before the leaves.

Used in Making Tennessee Whiskey

The best-known Tennessee whiskies, such as Jack Daniel's, follow the Lincoln County Process to produce their beloved spirits. A crucial step in this production process is filtering the whiskey through charcoal chips that come from maple trees.

Great for Honeybees

With increasing concern about the wellbeing of honeybees, many people make it a priority to plant their garden in a bee-friendly manner. Not only do bees spread pollen, they also eat it. When bees come out of hibernation in the spring, the flowers on maple trees offer them a reliable source of pollen.

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Posted: March 23, 2021

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