5 Interesting Facts about Maple Trees from Our Sacramento Arborists

5 Interesting Facts about Maple Trees from Our Sacramento Arborists

5 Interesting Facts about Maple Trees from Our Sacramento ArboristsDuring the summer months, leafed-out maple trees provide excellent shade, as well as habitat for a variety of birds. Then in the fall, they put on spectacular shows as their leaves change color before falling away. While these trees are extremely common throughout the county, most people don't know a whole lot about them. Here's a look at five fascinating facts about maple trees.

Improving the Taste of Whiskey

The best Tennessee whiskey companies follow the famed Lincoln County Process for producing their fine spirits. As part of this process, the whiskey is filtered through maple charcoal chips, which removes harsh flavors and creates a smoother drink.

Beetle Nemesis

In 1996, the invasive long-horned beetle was first identified in North America. A native to the Korean Peninsula and China, this beetle soon wreaked extensive havoc on maple trees, with many trees in the Northeastern U.S. dying due to this insect.

Maples Are Flowering Trees

Visually, maples are best known for their foliage's bright autumnal colors. But maple trees also produce bright flowers in the spring. Big leaf maples, which are found in coastal regions of Northern California, produce yellowish-green flowers. And maple tree breeders have created species that bloom in colors including white, red, and orange.

Food Source for Honeybees

Pollen is an important food source for honeybees. In spring, as bees emerge from hibernation, they're quite hungry. One valuable food source is maple trees, which bloom at this time of year and generate significant quantities of pollen in their flowers.

Every Type of Maple Makes Syrup

While it's commonly known that breakfast syrups come from sugar maples, you can actually extract syrup from all maple tree varieties. Maple trees are tapped for syrup during times of year when temperatures alternate between freezing and thawing.

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Posted: August 2022

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