5 Ways to Use Wood Chips on Your Property

5 Ways to Use Wood Chips on Your Property

5 Ways to Use Wood Chips on Your PropertyIf you take down a big tree on your property, you can have it grinded down and then you'll be able to put the wood chips to good use. From garden mulch to bedding for play areas, there are many great ways to put wood chips to use. At BP Tree Services, we also offer free wood chip delivery in Sacramento. Here are five ways to use wood chips.


Wood chips are a great option for mulching around fruit trees, mature shrubs, and woody perennials. When used as mulch, wood chips can help with moisture retention, as well as protection against weather extremes.


Wood chips are great material for establishing walkways through your garden areas. They'll help with weed suppression and provide a soft walking surface. And, once the chips break down, they can be scooped up and spread in garden beds as a way to add nutrients to the soil.

Livestock Bedding

If you have farm animals such as pigs, wood chips are an option for bedding that is more economical than straw. You'll just want to make sure that the chips aren't too sharp and that they aren't coming from a tree that has been chemically treated.

Use for Play Area

If you have a swingset or other play equipment for your children, then you could use wood chips as a soft landing surface. Wood chips can also be helpful with preventing the area from becoming excessively muddy.

Use for Growing Fancy Mushroom Varieties

If you're a culinary enthusiast who loves to use mushrooms in your dishes, then you might consider growing your own. Wine cap mushrooms, for example, can grow really well on a wood chip substrate.

Free Wood Chips in Sacramento

At BP Tree Services, our local arborist company offers free wood chips in Sacramento. Just contact us to get on our list. And when you need tree care in Sacramento and the surrounding area, contact BP Tree Services at (916) 237-1882. Feel free to give us a call today to ask for a free arborist estimate in Sacramento!

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Posted: June 2022

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