6 Important Considerations before Tree Planting or Transplanting

6 Important Considerations before Tree Planting or Transplanting

Because planting and transplanting can be very stressful for trees, you'll want to consider certain factors before beginning this process. With some smart planning, you can give your tree the best chance of growing up to be a healthy and beautiful landscape feature. Here are six things to consider before planting or transplanting a tree.

Maximum Size

When a tree is still tiny, it's easy to forget about just how large it will become in the coming years. But before planting it, you'll definitely want to consider its size at maturity. If you don't, it could end up growing into your house or into power lines, at which point you could have a major transplanting or removal project on your hands.

Amount of Sunlight in Needs

Before choosing a location for planting, you'll want to see if the tree needs full sun or is shade tolerant. By providing the tree with its desired amount of sun exposure, you'll go a long way toward giving it the best chance for vigorous growth.

Soil Type

Because different trees prefer different soil types, it's important to be familiar with the soil composition in your desired location for the tree. A pH test can provide you with information on whether your soil is more acidic or alkaline.

Water before Transplanting

If you're planning on transplanting a tree, you can reduce its stress level by soaking its root ball the day before you move it.

Be Careful with the Root Ball

During transplanting, it's always best to keep as much of the root ball intact as possible. The root ball should also be kept cool and damp while it is unburied.

Cool Weather

It's typically best to transplant trees while temperatures are cool. When the sun is blazing, trees can become especially stressed out during the transplanting process.

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Posted: January 23, 2021

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