Helpful Tips for Fall Tree Care
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Helpful Tips for Fall Tree Care

To ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful as we enter the chillier months, there are certain maintenance tasks worth completing. At BP Tree Services, our local arborists are experts at conducting tree maintenance. Feel free to give us a call when you need any type of work to be completed with the trees on your property.

Tree Maintenance Tasks for Autumn

You'll want to meticulously clean up any leaves that have fallen around the base of the tree. While fall foliage is one of the greatest benefits of having deciduous trees, it's worth keeping in mind that fungi can spread in fallen leaves. As the weather starts to warm up again in the spring, the spores could spread to your tree, causing a fungal disease. Because fungal diseases can cause serious tree problems including death, preventative measures should be taken.

Another important fall tree care task is to mulch around the base of your trees. It's best to apply 2 to 4 inches of organic mulch at a 2 to 3-foot radius around the tree base. This will help to insulate your tree from the cold, while also helping it retain nutrients and moisture. The mulch should only be spread above the roots and not piled up against the trunk.

It's a good idea to fertilize trees in late October or early November, preferably before the coldest temperatures arrive. This can provoke root growth that helps to ensure your trees are able to withstand harsher winter conditions.

It's also worth considering applying an anti-desiccant to your trees. In the wintertime, dry air and strong winds can cause trees to lose moisture through their pores. Consequently, you might notice needles turning brown due to desiccation. An anti-desiccant coating uses a waxy substance to prevent moisture loss.

Another basic task is to remove any branches that are dead, dying, or diseased. Such branches are more likely to come crashing down in high winds, posing a serious safety hazard. Our arborist crew can handle the task of removing big dangerous limbs.

Tree Care in Sacramento

When you need tree care in Sacramento, contact BP Tree Services at (916) 237-1882. Our local arborists can expertly complete seasonal tree maintenance. Feel free to give us a call today to request a free arborist estimate in Sacramento!

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Posted: September 2021

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