3 Interesting Facts about Photosynthesis

3 Interesting Facts about Photosynthesis

3 Interesting Facts about PhotosynthesisIn short, photosynthesis is the process through which leaves take in carbon dioxide and water and use the sun's energy to convert this into chemical compounds (such as sugar) that feed the tree. A byproduct of this chemical reaction is oxygen, which is released by the tree and makes the air breathable for humans and other species. When you plant trees on your property, you help to improve the planet's well-being. But for trees to be able to optimally photosynthesize, they need to be healthy. At BP Tree Services, our local arborists can conduct tree pruning in Sacramento that will help to keep your trees in healthy shape. Here's a look at three interesting facts about photosynthesis.

Leaves Are Green Because of Chlorophyll

A crucial component of photosynthesis is when cellular structures called chloroplasts capture energy from the sun and turn it into chemical energy. In chloroplasts, there are molecules called chlorophyll, which have a green pigment. Chlorophyll molecules absorb all wavelengths of light except for green. Tree leaves appear green because they reflect the wavelengths of green light.

Leaves Change Color Because Photosynthesis Slows Down

Tree leaves have pigments other than those that stem from chlorophyll. As fall weather sets in, trees produce less chlorophyll. With less chlorophyll to reflect green light, these other pigments become more apparent, which is why in autumn you see colors like red and yellow.

Other Organisms Use Photosynthesis

If you have a backyard pond, there's a good chance you've struggled to keep algae levels down. Algae are commonly considered "protists," which are organisms that are grouped together on the basis that they aren't fully considered to be animals, plants, fungi, or bacteria. But regardless of classification, algae's ability to photosynthesize creates a massive amount of the world's oxygen. According to UC-Berkeley, around 70% of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is generated by algae that photosynthesize in the oceans.

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Posted: March 2022

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