3 Popular Trees for Boosting Privacy

3 Popular Trees for Boosting Privacy

3 Popular Trees for Boosting PrivacyUsing trees as a privacy screen is a great way to make your property feel more secluded from your neighbors, while also adding beautiful greenery to your yard. As you try to figure out which type of trees to use for your privacy screen, you'll want to take certain factors into consideration, such as sunlight, soil type, and watering needs. And you'll definitely want to look closely at how tall the trees will be when they reach their mature height. This way, you can avoid having trees that end up growing into power lines or against your house. However, if your trees do end up causing any issues on your property, you'll want to call in a reputable arborist to handle the work. At BP Tree Services, our local arborists are highly experienced with trimming, pruning, and removing trees. Here's a look at some of the popular options for trees that improve privacy.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Year after year, emerald green arborvitaes remain a reliable option for homeowners who want a privacy screen along their property line. Emerald Green arborvitaes grow to around 15 feet tall and don't need a lot of water once they've become established. They prefer at least six hours of direct sun on a daily basis.

Spartan Juniper

Like Emerald Green arborvitaes, Spartan junipers grow to about 15 feet. Because they don't take well to pruning, it's best to make sure that their mature size is the right size for your situation. These trees regularly grow to a uniform appearance, although specimens grown in shaded areas may become leggy. They like well-drained soil and full sun.

Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypresses can reach over 70 feet tall and have a bit more of a Mediterranean appearance than arborvitaes and junipers. These trees are amenable to being pruned hard, which will help you give them a uniform appearance. They like full sun to partial shade, as well as rich, well-drained soil. It's also worth noting that their lifespan is relatively short, and they'll often live for 25 years or so.

Tree Care in Sacramento, CA

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Posted: January 2022

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