Warning Signs that Your Tree is Posing a Safety Threat

Warning Signs that Your Tree is Posing a Safety Threat

Warning Signs that Your Tree is Posing a Safety ThreatWhile big trees can enhance your property's aesthetic value, they can also become dangerous if they're not healthy. If you suspect that your big tree is dead or dying, then you should have an arborist assess the situation as soon as possible. If you delay and then there's a significant windstorm, the tree may topple over and cause serious damage, and perhaps even major injuries. At BP Tree Services, our local arborists are experts at identifying dangerous trees that need to be cut down. We'll work quickly to make sure that your dead or dying big tree no longer poses a threat to your safety.

Indications that a Tree Has Become a Safety Hazard

Signs that a tree is dying include: leaning, no/few leaves, open wounds, significant rot/fungus, major insect damage, and heavy shedding of bark/branches. If you notice any of these issues, it'll be best to have an arborist take a look. And even if the tree itself isn't dying, it may have dead limbs, which are at risk of crashing down. And when dead limbs break off during heavy winds, they can leave bad wounds that create opportunities for diseases to take hold. If your tree has any large limbs that appear to be dead, they should be removed as soon as possible. Rather than risking your own safety to remove the limbs, it's better to have a professional handle the job.

Root damage is another sign that your big tree could pose a safety issue. Sometimes, landscaping projects will cause root damage, which in turn causes a serious downturn in the tree's health. Consequently, the tree may become more prone to toppling over when there is a lot of wind.

Tree Removal in Sacramento

When you need tree removal in Sacramento and the surrounding area, contact BP Tree Services at (916) 237-1882. Our local tree removal company knows how to safely cut down big trees, even in tight residential spaces. Feel free to give us a call today to ask for a free tree removal estimate in Sacramento!

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Posted: May 2022

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