Wood Chip Services in Sacramento, CA
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Wood Chip Services in Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Communities

Wood Chip Services in Sacramento, CABP Tree Services offers free wood chips in Sacramento to local residents. These chips are great for playgrounds, flower beds, trails and walking paths and many other areas. Recycled wood chips help spread nutrients into the ground as they decompose, meaning they are beneficial to your garden and the environment. We can offer a full load of wood chips, delivered to your location within our service area, at no cost. Once you submit a request we will add you to our waiting list and inform you when your wood chips are ready. Please take a moment to read through our wood chip FAQs and feel free to contact us for more information about getting free wood chips in Sacramento.

What quantity of wood chips will you deliver?

To conserve fuel, wood chips are offloaded only when a truck has reached "capacity," approximately 20 cubic yards. Regrettably, we don't offer delivery of partial loads or smaller quantities.

What type of wood will the "chips" consist of?

A load often consists of a combination of woods, most commonly oak, eucalyptus, pine, cedar, redwood and others. We don't offer delivery of specific woods.

Are the wood chips filtered?

It is important to remember that these are FREE wood chips from a local tree removal or trimming, and thus these are not the same quality as wood chips you would pay for. They will likely contain leaves and small twigs/branches from final clean up of the jobsite that are too small to safely be processed by the wood chippers.

Can I pre-schedule a specific date and time for my wood chips delivery?

Unfortunately, no. Because it's difficult to accurately predict where a truck will be located when it reaches "capacity," we cannot schedule wood chip deliveries in advance.

How do I put my name on the list for free wood chips delivery?

Contact us using the contact form. Once we have your request, your name will be added to the waiting list. We ask that you please do not call our office to request wood chips.

Wood Chip Disclaimer

By responding to this ad for wood chips, you are accepting a full load of wood chips (no half-loads). Due to the heavy volume of requests, you will not receive a response from us unless you have requested a call ahead of delivery. Chips are dispersed by location of need and requests are saved and logged for several months. It is your responsibility to cancel your request if you decide that you would not like a delivery. Do not request wood chips if you do not want them. Once delivered, they will not be picked up for any reason.

To request free wood chips in Sacramento or the neighboring communities, please use our contact form to contact us. We ask that you please do not call our office to request wood chips. The waiting list process is an automated function that's handled exclusively through our website.

Arborist Services in Sacramento, CAYou may have heard of Bill Pyatt's Tree Service. That was my father's company. My siblings and I started working with him at a young age, each of us raking, dragging brush and contributing to the family business after school. My passion for tree work started young. My siblings (10 of them) all grew up to do different things, but trees have been my specialty ever since. At the age of 18, I branched out onto my own with my father's blessing and opened what is now BP Tree Services, LLC. I worked many projects with my dad, up into his 80's before he passed away. I am confident that I am one of the most experienced resources here in Sacramento when it comes to trees. Eight local tree services call on me personally when there are large, complex removals over structures. I hand pick my teams and heavily oversee all operations of the business personally. BP Tree Services, LLC. takes great pride in putting our name, my name, on a job and leaving everyone satisfied and educated about their trees. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your tree's, your job, or your experience with BP Tree Services. I am happy to provide personal, professional and competitors references upon request.

Billy Pyatt, Jr.

"Absolutely killer prices, quick, professional, and quality work on taking out a 60-80 ft pine leaning over a road, straddling a property line with a fence below. Will use them again. These guys came in 3x cheaper (not exaggeration) than two other competitors. They were easy to work with."

"I want to say thank you to the workers that came out to cut my neighbors trees. I have years of personal experience cutting trees. The workers that came out to cut my next door neighbors trees did a great job. They were very polite to us. They had to work from our yard on a few of the trees and did over and above cleaning up their mess along with branches and leaves that had fallen previously from the trees they were working on. Thank you. Also I found out their price was very nice for all the cutting trimming and hauling they did."